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Services We Offer
Our team of publication experts caters to your needs at every step of your academic journey. We offer a variety of personalised services with one unwavering goal: to accelerate your publication success.
English Language Editing
Our English editing and proofreading services polish your manuscript with two thorough checks for grammar, language, paper structure, and impactful communication of your research. Internationally certified editors help you ready your paper for successful submission in international journals
Translation with Editing
Our translation services with highly experienced language experts and multi-layered quality processes help you submit well-translated and well-edited manuscripts that reflect the language standards of international journals.
Manuscript Formatting
Our Manuscript Formatting service ensures that your manuscripts are formatted according to the strict journal standards and guidelines.
Our Infographics service will allow you to promote your research work in an easy-to-understand visual representation of your study. You have worked hard to conduct your experiments, analyze your findings, and publish your manuscript.
English Editing Services
Good scientific content deserves clear writing. We have brought together teams with expertise in subject-relevant editing, and reviews to ensure that manuscripts meet international standards of scientific English and are free of grammatical, spelling, and other common language errors. Internationally certified editors help you ready your manuscripts with the highest quality editing and formatting included in all 3 levels of editing.
For well-organized academic and non-academic documents that require a final check and proofread
  • Complete language check (grammar, terminology, and formatting)
  • Unlimited Q&A with the editor
  • 60% discount on re-editing
Most Popular
Publication-focused editing that makes your manuscript ready for initial submission
  • Complete language check (grammar, terminology, and formatting)
  • Extensive revisions (rephrasing and restructuring) + cover letter
  • Free unlimited rounds of editing
Premium PLUS
Publication-focused editing that includes post-submission editorial support
  • Complete language check (grammar, terminology, and formatting)
  • Extensive revisions (rephrasing and restructuring) + cover letter
  • Free unlimited rounds of editing
  • Journal response letter check
  • Crosschecking revisions with reviewer comments
Translation with Editing
Don’t get lost in translation! Our academic translators and editors offer subject-specific expertise and superior editing skills to ensure that your manuscript accurately conveys every nuance of your research in perfect scientific English to a global audience. A thorough four-step process will help authors prepare a publication-ready manuscript that not only meets international English standards but also communicates their research in a clear and lucid manner
We offer subject-specific translation with English Editing for the following language pairs.
  • Traditional and Simplified Chinese to English
  • Japanese to English
  • Spanish to English
  • Brazilian Portuguese to English
  • Korean to English
  • Turkish to English
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Journal Selection
Targeting the right journal is critical as it will determine the publication of your manuscript. In our experience, articles get rejected because the subject of the papers do not match the scope of journals. With this service, our team of experts will shortlist 3-5 best-suited journals for your manuscript and prepares a report listing the pros and cons of submitting to each journal. By submitting to journals that match your study, you can avoid unnecessary rejection and save your precious time.
How do experts recommend journals?
  • Scope of each journal is analyzed to find the best match to your manuscript
  • Your specifications are considered before suggesting the journals
  • Desired impact factor and target readership are considered
  • Type of your manuscript is matched with the most impactful journals
Manuscript Formatting
This service is ideal for busy researchers who want to spend more time on research rather than formatting your manuscript. Under this Service, our skilled formatters will ensure that the submitted manuscript conforms to the relevant layout and reference style.
Benefits include
Meet journal layout
Each manuscript is checked against the specified stylesheet and submission guidelines to ensure the correct format. This includes references, text layout, headings, figure, and table positioning.
Follow referencing style
Our experts have the knowledge and experience of working with formats such as MLA, APA, AMA, etc. and will ensure that the format of the references comply with the journal guidelines. Further, we will check the accuracy of the cited references.
Getting published is no longer enough. Communicating your work so that it is discovered, read, and cited from among increasing published content is more important than ever. Under this service, we will create an easy-to-understand visual representation of your study that you can share at conferences, in grant proposals, on social media, and more. Infographics are graphical static summaries of the key highlights of a research manuscript. Our experts break down individual data points and illustrate the findings with the use of illustrations, mnemonics, and icons, and translate data into a comprehensible format.
100% Quality Guarantee
In case, our work fails to delight you, we will re-work on your assignment until you are satisfied.

If you’re not satisfied, we give you a full refund, No questions asked.

on Time
We help you meet your timelines, sometimes as quick as documents that are edited in 8 hours.

If we miss your decided deadline even by a second, we will issue a 100% refund

We have a strict non disclosure agreement with all our experts & your files are safe with ISO standard online systems

We are ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certified)

Our Editors
Our unique editor-selection algorithm ensures that your paper is assigned to highly qualified language specialists with expertise in your subject. As it learns your requirements, we are able to offer more tailored services. Our editors are all native English speakers who hold PhDs or Master’s degrees from top universities such as Harvard, MIT and Oxford. They are all experts in their respective academic fields with an average of 19.4 years’ experience in editing. Most of them are published authors and peer reviewers in their own right as well as members of some of the world’s best editor societies, such as BELS and CSE.
Meet a few of our editors
Joseph Saragusty
Joseph Saragusty
20+ years of experience
250+ Papers edited
Olaokun Soyinka
Olaokun Soyinka
United Kingdom
20+ years of experience
250+ Papers edited
Margaret Murray
Margaret Murray
Health/Social Policy
United States
20+ years of experience
250+ Papers edited
Frequently Asked Questions

We believe there is no substitute for subject-matter expertise. That is why we ensure that every document we receive is worked on by an expert with a high level of technical competency in the relevant field of study. Our editorial team includes physicians, PhDs, MDs, postgraduates, engineers, and journal peer reviewers. Over 60% of our editors have extensive research backgrounds. In addition, our editors are provided with training and feedback on a regular basis to help them develop a keen understanding of subject-specific writing conventions, terminology, etc.

Yes, you can access your editing certificate from your account in the online account. The editing certificate verifies that your manuscript has been checked by a professional editor and meets the standard of English required by international journals.

If you have a question for your editor, you can login to the online account and use the Submit Question option. We normally answer within 1 working day. However, a member of our client servicing team will confirm the delivery schedule with you as it is determined by the nature and number of questions.

We offer Multiple Round Editing (MRE) re-editing support as an optional service to authors to ensure that their documents are completely ready for submission. MRE re-editing support is offered as part of both our Advanced and Premium Editing services. Under MRE, you can come back to us as many times as you wish to receive a polished final document that suits your exact requirements. Please note that under Advanced Editing, MRE support is eligible for a 60% discount, whereas under Premium Editing, MRE is free (except in cases where the manuscripts have been heavily re-written or new sections have been added).

Our team of content writers, illustrators, and designers will work with you to render your article in a visually appealing format. We create high-quality graphics and use simplified text to convey the core findings and implications of your research such that even non-experts can understand your work.

Apart from your published paper, our production team will find the below inputs useful:

  • Original, high-resolution image files if available
  • Supplementary tables and figures
  • Supporting material such as PowerPoint presentations, posters, and relevant previous papers

We accept most compatible file types as long as file size is limited to 100 MB.

We have a team of subject-area experts and experienced researchers who themselves have published manuscripts in many journals. Many of these experts have peer review experience with reviewing manuscripts for journals.

You will receive a report outlining the pros and cons of each suggested journal. This will make it easier for you to shortlist a journal for submission.

We do not guarantee acceptance or publication. However, if you are not satisfied with our deliverable or if the report does not meet the service scope, we will be happy to redo the assignment.

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